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You can add that special touch by incorporating a custom carving into your log railing, stair or mantel.  Our carvers can create your favorite animal - from cuddly raccoons, inquisitive bear cubs, bunny rabbits, or your cherished family pet.. ...........

Mantel Bear Looking over Right Shoulder or Left Shoulder



Rabbit & Squirrel Newel Post
Bear & Squirrel Newel Post

Raccoon in Post (Detail)

Bear Cub in Post (Detail)

Three Raccoons

Two Bears

Red Tailed Hawk

Great Horned Owl

Raccoon on Newel Post

Screech Owl in Post

Squirrel in Post

Woodpecker in Post

Blue Heron

Buddha Bear

Raccoon Climbing

Prairie Dog

Rabbit on Stump

Sitting Fox

Squirrel with Nut


Bear on Sled

Standing Bear

Raccoon Table

Welcome Bear with Raccoon







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