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"StairMeïster Log Works produces the best quality in wood construction & design of stairs I’ve seen in the log market today.”

—Todd Worrel
Former pro-ball player,
Cardinals & Dodgers


Handmade by experienced craftsmen, StairMeïster’s products are designed to meet exacting specifications while preserving the inherent beauty of wood. Our thorough understanding of the dynamics of log home construction and current building codes allows us to guide you successfully through the design/build process.

  • Stairs and railings are designed to meet the International Building Code and exceed weight capacity requirements for safety and comfort.
  • All materials are hewn, as opposed to the faster method of mass-produced, machine-peeled logs.
  • Typical stair systems incorporate robust joinery methods common in the heavy timber frame trade with concealed fastening hardware.
  • Tread surfaces are smoothly planed and sanded, and sharp edges on treads and stringers are eased into a 1/4” radius for safety and to prevent splintering.
  • Balusters (spindles) are integrated into stairs using round mortise and tenon joinery, often employing intricate dovetails for enhanced strength and beauty. Tenons are crafted to maintain a natural, hand-carved appearance


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