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1. Uniform Pine
$36.00 LF- Uniformly hand peeled Lodgepole Pine.
2. Natural Pine
$43.00 LF- Naturally contoured and tapered hand peeled Pine.
3. Natural Cedar
Hand peeled Midwest Incense Cedar
4. Rustic Ranch
$77.00 LF- Antique fir rails with log balusters.
5. FIr and Steel
Starting at $95.00 LF- Antique timber with hammered steel.

6. Weathered Branch
$95.00 LF-Grey weathered branch balusters.
7. Barky Twig
$95.00 LF- Natural twig with bark and pinecones.

8. Hardwood Branch
$375.00 LF -Hickory, Elm, Ash, and Maple balusters.
9. Steel Panel Insert
$140.00 LF- Silhouetted wildlife scenes
10. Spruce Chalet
$125.00 LF- European chalet designs.
11. Twigs With Leaves
Starting at $208.00 LF- Patinas twigs with leave
12. Twigs With Leaves - Close up

13. Hand Forged Twig (Steel)
Starting at $795.00 LF

14. Hand Forged Twig (Steel) - Close up
Twig Railing

15.Hand Forged Iron Twig Balusters with Custom Rail and Posts
Twig Railing

16. Steel Twig Balusters
Starting at $295.00 LF

17. Steel Twig Balusters
These balusters were made with our regular size hand forged steel and the rail below was made of a smaller size per the customer's request with extra leaves.

18. Steel Twig Balusters
This photo shows the twig railing as the balusters in a spiral stair.
19. Steel Twig Balusters with 1/2 Log Shoe Rail
Starting at $335.00 LF
20. Steel Twig Balusters with Top Rail Only
Starting at $315.00 LF
21. Steel Twig Balusters with Top and Bottom Rail
Starting at $325.00 LF
22. Twig Railing Close Up
23. Aspen Branches
Hand forged, solid copper, aspen branches carefully fit into aspen rails.
24. Iron Railing
Hand forged 7/8" hammered iron balusters in Pine railing.

25. Rustic Rail

Natural cedar balusters with uniform beetle kill pine railings . With natural 6 Inch Diameter pine Post left side. larger Natural 7 1/2 inch diameter right side.

26. Rustic Rail

This close-up gives you a good idea of the natural character and color of those beautiful Aromatic red Cedar Balusters. Yet the uniform Pine hand peeled rail gives The railing a clean slick element of contrast.

27. Rustic Rail

This view shows how there are no projections into the room for safety. Nothing to snag your clothes on or for horsing around kids to get poked.


28. Rustic Rail

This is the open side with the projections


Please note that these prices may vary.  

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